About Euroserv Ltd

We specialise in ....The Repair and new sales of all makes of Robotic motors CNC motors, Servo Motors, electric motors, Gearbox, Spindle motors, Axis motors, Braking resistors and Encoders. WE ARE THE ONLY SERVO REPAIR COMPANY IN THE NORTH EAST.

Euroserv Ltd is a service repair company based in Washington, Tyne and Wear & Scunthorpe (CPA ltd)

The services we provide include the repair, refurbishment and sale of all types of AC & DC Servo motors, Encoders, Drives, Standard motors and related equipment, our expertise extends from the smallest of motors to large robotic applications for companies

We undertake the repair of all types of motors and have the ability to RE-MAGNITSE the permanent magnets back to full strength, all this work is of course completed in house.

Our workshops are fully equipped with the necessary test facilities in order to fully exercise each motor after remedial work has been carried out, thus ensuring, first time success at time of refit.

Our engineers have many years experience in this most specialised field of electrical / electronic motor repair.

We at Euroserv Ltd understand the cost’s involved in unplanned down time caused by motor or drive failures, therefore our services are provided on a 24/7 basis.